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Our History

Established in 1914 and formally incorporated in 1915, K-D Lamp Company emerged from the vision of two pioneers, Roy Kearns and A. (Gus) Driemeyer, forming the basis of its name (K-D Lamp Company). Initially headquartered at 108-110 West Third Street, the company’s growth mirrored the automotive industry’s expansion. A strategic move in 1930 to 610-616 Court Street marked a pivotal moment, followed by the acquisition of Cincinnati-Victor Company in 1932, solidifying K-D’s position in providing a comprehensive line of headlamps to the automotive sector. Despite the challenges of World War II, forward-thinking and continuous planning led to sustained progress.

Anticipating future demands and leveraging opportunities, K-D Lamp Company relocated to Elm Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Subsequent expansions in 1964 and 1968 underscored the company’s commitment to growth. In the 1980’s through acquisition, the K-D Lamp Company relocated to Northeast Ohio. The company is currently located at 101 Parker Drive in Andover, Ohio where the tradition continues.

As pioneers in safety lighting equipment, K-D Lamp Company stands as an industry leader, with its products revered across the United States and globally. Today, as The Visibility Experts, K-D Lamp Company remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of America and the world, setting the standard for excellence in headlight manufacturing.

Our Mission

At K-D Lamp, our mission is to set the standard for visibility, safety, and excellence through a proven process of designing, manufacturing, and the delivery of high quality and affordable vehicle lighting products for all trucks and specialty vehicles from Class 5-8 through our lifelong commitment to all American craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise.

A Century of Lighting the Way


K-D Lamp Company is started in Cincinnati, Ohio


Great Lakes Tractor Company is started, and then renamed Great Lakes Automotive in Geneva, Ohio


Great Lakes Automotive is renamed Advanced Technology Corp. in Geneva, Ohio


Ethyl Nymold Corp. is formed in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio


Ethyl Nynold Corp. is renamed ATC-Nymold Corp.(Nymold Plastics)


ATC Lighting and Plastics Inc. is formed in Geneva, Ohio to manage the ATC companies


Lighting Products Inc. is formed in Mentor, Ohio


K-D Lamp operations are combined with Lighting Products in Mentor, Ohio


K-D Lamp and Lighting Products are moved to Hubbard, Ohio


Corporate and administrative offices of ATC Lighting and Plastics are moved to Andover, Ohio


K-D Lamp company and Lighting Products are moved to Andover, Ohio


SLC International Inc. (SLC Lighting) is formed in Andover, Ohio

Made in the USA

At K-D Lamp, we take immense pride in our commitment to American craftsmanship, a legacy that spans over a century. Every step of our design process, from conceptualization to the finished product, reflects the dedication of our skilled designers, engineers, and product team. We believe that creating superior lighting solutions begins with harnessing the power of American ingenuity.

Choosing K-D Lamp means choosing to support local industries and American labor. Our US-based facilities utilize skilled labor, contributing to the growth of our local communities. By prioritizing American manufacturing, we not only maintain rigorous quality control but also strengthen our nation’s economy.

Our Facilities

K-D Lamp takes pride in our facilities strategically located in Andover and Geneva, Ohio, covering an impressive 232,700 sq. ft. Our facilities serve as the heartbeat of our operations, dedicated to manufacturing, assembling, testing, and packaging high-quality lighting products tailored for the medium and heavy-duty truck industry.

Our Andover facility serves as our world headquarters, housing critical functions like administration, engineering, quality control, assembly, warehousing, and distribution. Our assembly line in Andover consists of riveting, component installation with springs, threaded fasteners, electrical testing, inspection, and meticulous packaging for seamless shipping. It’s here in Andover, Ohio that we are able to design the forward lighting solutions of tomorrow.

In Geneva, Ohio our stamping facility stands as a testament to precision engineering with a comprehensive suite of metal stamping presses, ranging from 16 to 400 tons. This facility boasts stamping capacities in progressive die presses ranging from 250 to 400 tons and single-hit presses from 16 to 120 tons. Our capabilities extend to handling coils of steel weighing up to 4,500 lbs., seamlessly supported by coil upenders, unwind stands, servo feeders & pullers, and spray lubrication systems.

Geneva is also equipped with Tishkin Roll forming machines, hydraulic stretch formers, and spot and seam welding machines. Beyond stamping, our capabilities include roll forming and wire harness manufacturing. To ensure continuous precision, Geneva houses a complete toolroom machine shop dedicated to die maintenance.

At K-D Lamp, our facilities are more than buildings – they are the backbone of our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that our customers receive products of unparalleled excellence.

Association Memberships

NTEA – The Work Truck Association

FAMA – Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Assocation (certificate)



Career Opportunities

Welcome to K-D Lamp Company, where we don’t just light up vehicles; we build great careers.

Join a team of professionals in a company with a legacy spanning over 100 years. At K-D Lamp, we believe in fostering a work environment that not only brightens the road ahead but also nurtures your professional growth.


Production Associate

As a Production Associate at K-D Lamp, you play a vital role in bringing our world-class vehicle lighting solutions to life. From assembly and testing to packaging, your attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every product meets our high standards.

Shipping Associate

As a Shipping Associate, you will be part of the team that ensures our high-quality vehicle lighting solutions reach customers with precision and care. Your role involves packaging, organizing, and dispatching brilliance, contributing to K-D Lamp’s legacy of delivering dependable, USA-made lighting solutions for our customers.

Office Associate

Become a vital part of K-D Lamp’s success story as an Office Associate. Your role involves supporting the day-to-day operations, contributing to the seamless functioning of our dedicated team, and ensuring that the brilliance we bring to the vehicle lighting industry extends to every aspect of our organization.

Current Opportunity - Sales Professional

KD Lamp Company based in Andover, Ohio is searching for a salesperson to join our team and help increase sales, expand the customer base locally and nationally, and contribute to rapid growth.

Click HERE for job description.


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