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Made in America Excellence

At K-D Lamp, we take immense pride in our American heritage. Every product is crafted with precision, skill, and dedication right here in the USA. Our commitment to “Made in America” signifies more than a point of origin; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and supporting local communities.

A Century-Old Reputation for Quality

For over a century, K-D Lamp has been synonymous with excellence. Our products carry the weight of a legacy built on precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless pursuit of quality. When you choose K-D Lamp, you’re not just investing in lighting solutions – you’re investing in a reputation that stands the test of time.

Explore our range of products designed to illuminate the road ahead with unmatched brilliance. From Class-8 OTR trucks to specialty vehicles in construction, agriculture, municipality, and service, K-D Lamp is your partner in driving visibility, safety, and performance.

Molded Headlight

Custom Molded Headlights

We will work with you and your designers to create, manufacture, and source a headlight that meets your aerodynamic and hood style needs.  Our team of engineers will closely partner with your design team to quickly produce prototypes, production runs, and replacement stock to fit your vehicle lighting needs. In most cases standard LED or Halogen bulbs can be used, or custom bulbs can be sourced to meet your specific vehicle lighting needs. 


Dive into brilliance with K-D Lamp’s revolutionary headlight solutions – where innovation meets illumination. Our extensive range of headlights, designed for Class 5-8 trucks and specialty vehicles, exemplifies a century-old commitment to excellence. From cutting-edge LED technology to the timeless reliability of halogen bulbs, K-D Lamp’s headlights lead the way in enhancing visibility, safety, and performance on the road.

Fire & Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Illuminate the path to safety with K-D Lamp’s Fire & Emergency Vehicle Lighting, trusted by fire and emergency services nationwide. Our lights are the beacon of choice for these critical vehicles, providing unparalleled brightness and reliability in the most demanding situations. Join the countless fire and emergency vehicles across the US that rely on K-D Lamp’s lighting solutions to respond with confidence.

Bus Lighting

Ensure the safety of precious cargo with K-D Lamp’s School Bus Lighting solutions. Designed to meet rigorous safety standards, our lights enhance visibility and ensure that school buses stand out on the road. Count on K-D Lamp to provide reliable, durable, and compliant lighting options, contributing to the safety of students and peace of mind for drivers and parents alike.


K-D Lamp’s dedication to delivering top-tier lighting solutions expands to our Accessories Lighting category, tailored specifically for Class 5-8 vehicles. Elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of your truck with our extensive range of accessory lights, meticulously designed for durability, high performance, and compliance with industry standards. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s style or improve visibility, K-D Lamp’s Accessories Lighting for Class 5-8 vehicles is your go-to choice for reliable and top-quality lighting solutions.


K-D Lamp excels in providing tailored wiring solutions to meet the needs of your design. Whether collaborating with OEMs to complement existing wiring harnesses or crafting entirely new systems, our engineering team is adept at designing solutions that ensure compatibility and efficiency.


At K-D Lamp, our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of your lighting needs. Our stamping facility plays a pivotal role in crafting innovative lighting solutions that set the industry standard. With a robust fleet of 38 metal stamping presses ranging from 16 to 400 tons, we have the capacity to deliver precision-stamped components that form the backbone of our high-quality lighting products.

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