Jim Strubbe, general manager, and Ted Jones, assistant general manager of K-D Lamp, visited the 2024 Work Truck Show held in Indianapolis, Indiana. This annual event serves as a melting pot of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts. The Work Truck Show offers a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies, foster collaborations, and strengthen relationships within the commercial vehicle sector.

Almost 16,000 industry professionals from 29 countries and all 50 states convened in Indianapolis for this exciting event, which housed over 525 exhibitors. At this show, the K-D Lamp team focused their efforts on a few key areas.

  • Connecting with Key Customers

One major focus of this trip was to forge new connections and reconnect with legacy original equipment (OE) manufacturers like Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, and others. With a commitment to delivering top-notch lighting solutions, K-D Lamp seized the chance to engage in meaningful discussions and explore avenues for future collaborations with these longstanding partners.

  • Exploring New Partnerships

Jim and Ted had the opportunity to visit various companies with whom K-D Lamp shares strategic alliances. With customers such as Truck-Lite, Will-burt, Automann, and others, they sought to reaffirm existing partnerships while exploring new possibilities for mutual growth and innovation.

  • Showcasing Cutting-Edge Solutions

At snow plow manufacturer exhibitors, Jim and Ted presented K-D Lamp’s latest innovations for their applications. This included the heated LED headlight for snow plows and K-D Lamp’s custom harness manufacturing capabilities.  These demonstrations were well received by snow plow OEMs who are focused on increasing safety and visibility for their products.

Lastly, Jim and Ted noticed a wide variety of trucks equipped with K-D Lamp headlights. From classic truck models to new electric-powered innovations, K-D Lamp products were able to be seen in use all throughout vehicles in the show.

After a successful trip to the 2024 Work Truck Show, Jim and Ted returned to K-D Lamp with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. With fresh ideas and strengthened partnerships, K-D Lamp is ready to light the way as The Visibility Experts for all that they serve within the commercial vehicle industry.